Cody Simpson Reveals How He Feels About Miley Cyrus’ Romance With Kaitlynn Carter

Cody Simpsonmay be comfortable with Kaitlynn Carter, but it's safe to say he doesn't see himself hanging out with her and Miley Cyrus anytime soon.

The star broaches this subject and more in a rather revealing interview with the Kyle & Jackie O Show following his win on The Masked Singer. And while the hosts are interested in his win on the competition show, there is far more interest in his relationship with the singer, who previously dated Kaitlynn.

At one point, the interviewer asks, "You wouldn't dare offer…" He trails off, making some sort of insinuation, before Cody responds, "Hell no! It's not like that at all."

In fact, Cody insists he's "very romantic", something that he claims Miley's never been able to "experience" before in any of her relationships. One example he offers is the acoustic song he wrote for her while she was in the hospital. "I'd like to be the best boyfriend I could possibly be," he shares.

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