Cramer’s lightning: Aurora is just a speculative stock

Conagra: Honestly, I'm just O.K. on it right now. It's been a little too up or down, hit or miss. In the food group, I am a PepsiCo guy. I think that's the straight and narrow."

Vodafone: "Too risky. It's had a very big move and at this point the yield won't support it."

Novocure: "The stock's come down a lot. I guess it ran a little too much … I like Novocure. I think it really belongs in a portfolio."

Fastly Inc.: "I am going to have to do more homework because Fastly is just something I am slowly on."

Starbucks: "I think Starbucks is fine. … I think you buy some now and buys some a little bit lower."

Auroa Cannabis: "This is a total spec, mam. Not more than that. It's just a total spec. As long as you understand that, then I bless you to buy it."

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