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Cramer’s lightning round: The oil stocks are ‘just a bummer’

Cramer’s lightning round: The oil stocks are ‘just a bummer’

Xilinx: "Xilinx has got too much China."

Occidental Petroleum: "No, we're not going to buy more oils. … The oils are just a bummer."

Datadog: "Don't know Datadog. That's a trick, I want a treat."

Wave Life Sciences: "Well, this is perfect. Just on Halloween, I'm stumped on two right in a row."

OneSpan: "Onespan is good. You know, I'm an Okta fan … I think it's got more long-term staying power. That's the one you want to be in."

Innovative Industrial Properties: "It's a REIT for cannabis, and I'm going to say nothing cannabis is working, including a REIT. So no way, no how."

Slack Technologies: "I think you'll be fine putting on a little Slack … [but] you've got to be careful."

GW Pharmaceuticals: "I think GW Pharma is real good. … Now it is, again, I keep pointing this out, is in marijuana ETFs and the shorts are pushing those down. … but GW Pharma is a true pharmaceutical company and I think it's fine. Half position now, and see if the marijuana stocks have one more leg down."

Covanta: "I feel confident about it. I can be wrong, I can be wrong, but I felt when we had them on they told a real good story."

CME Group: "I think CME's terrific."