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Crash-landing space balloons, janky folding phones, and corruption trials: Samsung’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year

2. Samsung admitted its Galaxy S10 had a bug which meant it could be unlocked with any thumbprint.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 costs $900.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Fold isn't the only high-end Samsung phone to have been hit with a major problem this year.

Samsung's $900 Galaxy S10 was revealed to have a pretty damning security flaw in October — it could be unlocked using any fingerprint.

The flaw wasn't discovered by security researchers. A British woman uncovered it while applying a screen protector to her phone, noticing that her left thumbprint opened the phone. She had set it up to recognize her right thumbprint. Further testing found that her husband could also unlock the phone with his thumbprint thanks to the screen protector.

It was a particular blow as Samsung had touted the phone's under-screen ultrasonic fingerprint-scanning technology as an exciting innovation. Several banks pulled their apps from the phones over the added security worries.