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Daniel Radcliffe Says He Doesn’t Have Coronavirus – He Just Always Looks Sick

Daniel Radcliffe Says He Doesn’t Have Coronavirus – He Just Always Looks Sick

A recent gathering of social media users – in addition to a fake news report – pointed out that perhaps Daniel Radcliffe was sick from the coronavirus. However, Page Six claims the actor believes he just always has that look. A fake Twitter account recently said that the Harry Potter alum was taken to the hospital due to the coronavirus.

Reportedly, the fake Twitter account, @BBCNewsTonight, linked back to another BBC page, also fake, with an article explaining that Mr. Radcliffe was sick with the virus. During a chat with the hosts of Smallzy’s Surgery on Wednesday, Radcliffe told his candid thoughts on the rumor.

Entertainment Tonight was the first to report on the actor’s statement. When he walked into the makeup and hair room for a play on Tuesday, his makeup artist said to him that her niece told her he was infected with the virus, and Radcliffe claims he was immediately blown away.

Daniel went on to say that he thought the news report appeared on an imitation version of the BBC, however, enough people saw the tweet and the fake news report and subsequently thought it was the real thing. Daniel stated, “that is the internet.”

The Harry Potter went on to add that it wasn’t a big deal, joking that he just always has a sick look to him. Radcliffe joked that he’s always pale, so it made him an easy target. Earlier this week, it was reported by Tom and his wife themselves, Rita Wilson, that they really did have the virus.

Both parties are currently on quarantine in Australia. A report from earlier today revealed that Tom and Rita had the coronavirus, are in stable condition, and are currently sitting in an Australian hospital. Australian officials confirmed the news with multiple outlets.

As most know, Hanks and Wilson’s illness makes them easily the most famous people yet to contract the novel illness, COVID-19. The World Health Organization has since declared it a pandemic.

While many have entered full panic mode, Bill Maher, during an episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, argued that it was an “overreaction.”