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Deshaun Watson got kicked in the eye and still recovered to throw the game-winning touchdown

Deshaun Watson led the Houston Texans to a comeback win on Sunday, defeating the Oakland Raiders at home 27-24.

It was an impressive showing from Watson throughout the game, but his highlight of the night came in the fourth quarter when he threw what proved to be the game-winning touchdown pass after getting kicked in the eye.

Down 24-20 with six minutes remaining, the Texans had first-and-goal from just inside the 10-yard line. Watson took the snap and quickly stepped up as the pocket began to collapse around him under the pressure of the Raiders pass rush.

While it looked that Watson was ready to go down, he instead spun out of the would-be tackle, adjusted his helmet, and threw to the end zone, where tight end Darren Fells made a marvelous catch to put the Texans up for good.

Replays showed that Watson hadn't simply escaped the Raiders attack, but he had even fought through getting kicked in the eye.

As Watson spun out of his first defender, the foot of defensive end Arden Key caught him right through his facemask. But rather than give up on the play, Watson carried on and was able to connect with Fells for the winning score.

After the play, Watson was treated on the field for some time as doctors came to check on his eye, but he eventually walked off the field on his own and later re-entered the game to take the final snaps as the Texans wound the clock down to zero.

Watson finished the day with 279 yards and three touchdowns, none more impressive than his game-winner.

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