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Diddy Shows Fans How He Celebrated The 420 Day – Check Out His Pics

Diddy Shows Fans How He Celebrated The 420 Day – Check Out His Pics

Diddy shows his fans how he celebrated 420 Day. Check out the photos that he shared on his social media account here.

Someone said: ‘Much love Diddy do you respond!’ and a commenter posted this: ‘It’s smoke Forever and God moves mountains when I tell Him 🖤♾💨’

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A followr said: ‘@dereksroche I know you have these sneakers in the archives!!! Send ya bro a pair 🔥🔥🔥’ and a commenter said: ‘I actually post fights and ill accept u hella quick dawg 😈🦍’

Someone else said: ‘Whew baby, you change names like you change b—-es! Sheesh. Alright puff daddy,’ and someone else said: ‘Why do you smoke, Sean @diddy, you’re as rich as one can get, why you shortening your presence here.’

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One other follower said: ‘This is the life that I’m supposed to living Lord,’ and someone else said: ‘Lost a lot of respect for this dude with this entire Black Robb situation. We all grew up Repping Bad Boy for you to turn your back on one of your team players no matter if he had left the label he was once on your team you as the proud leader should of just stepped up and do what leaders do Handle the business !!!!!!! Please don’t be @ me just calling it as I see it !!!!!! @diddy’

Fans all over the world were devastated following the sad news that Black Rob has passed away.

Rob’s former label mate, Mark Curry, said that he was with the rapper when he died. ‘Rest in peace to my brother,’ he said according to the reports.

According to official reports, Mark Curry, announced Rob’s death in two videos posted to Instagram on Saturday, and Variety has confirmed his passing through additional sources.

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