EA is looking to compete with Google and Microsoft with a new game-streaming service — here’s how to sign up to try it before it launches

Electronic Arts announced on Monday an upcoming technical test for Project Atlas, the video game publisher's cloud gaming service. Cloud gaming is a burgeoning technology that allows players to stream games directly to their computer, phone, and other devices, removing the need for expensive consoles.

When it launches, Project Atlas will compete with cloud gaming services from major tech companies like Google and Microsoft. In November Google will launch Stadia, an entirely cloud-based gaming platform, and Microsoft has offered public demos of Project xCloud, a service that will stream games from a cloud-based machine and allow Xbox-owners to stream games from their home console.

EA revealed plans for Project Atlas in October 2018 but has remained relatively quiet about the details until now. EA's Chief Technical Officer Ken Moss revealed that Project Atlas was preparing for a technical test in a blog post on Monday, and welcomed the public to sign up for a chance to play.

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