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Edward Norton Says He Has ‘No Control’ Over Oscar Noms or Wins

Edward Norton Says He Has ‘No Control’ Over Oscar Noms or Wins

“Those things … you don’t have any control over those things,” Norton, 50, told Us Weekly exclusively about the movie’s Oscar potential at the Eight Annual Breakthrough Prize event at Nasa Ames Research Center. “It’s a nice compliment, but, it’s uh [not expected].”

The Birdman actor has been nominated for three Academy Awards in his career, but that’s not the only legacy he is working on. Norton is busy raising a son, Atlas, 6, with his wife Shauna Robertson, 44, as well. Instilling positive life lessons in his son is high on his to-do list.

“I think that’s exactly what these kinds of evenings are about,” the actor continued. “I think they’re celebrating people who have done — committed themselves to service of other people.”

Norton also reflected on the biggest life lesson he’s learned over the past five decades and highlighted the importance of non-celebrity achievements.

“I think in the context of this evening I’d say, we pay a lot of attention to people who make movies and music and play sports,” The Grand Budapest Hotel actor explained. “I think kids tend to look up disproportionately to people who do those things and not enough to their teachers and to the people who are really, actually achieving landmark work that’s gonna affect people for generations.”

That being said, the director and producer has an idea of how to shine a light on community leaders no matter what their field.

“I think the idea that you should create ceremony and celebration around that, at least at the same level … let’s say [as] the Academy Awards, is a great idea,” the Boston native said. “People who kids looked up to for other reasons [should be highlighted] saying, ‘Hey, no, look and appreciate what these people have done and aspire to that is deeded.’”

When it comes to whether or not the Collateral Beauty star will mesh his two worlds and let his son watch his filmography, he’s open to the idea. “Sure! I don’t think I’ll be able to avoid it,” he said.