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European Super League Falling Apart After Two Days, English Clubs Back Out

European Super League Falling Apart After Two Days, English Clubs Back Out

In the latest development, the European Super League suffered a massive blow last night with Chelsea and Manchester City pulling out of the same. Later on, the remaining English Premier League teams had to back out from their intentions to form this competition.

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The pressure of the fans became too big, and the best example of that was the situation before Chelsea’s game against Brighton and Hove Albion last night. Thousands of protesters gathered around Stamford Bridge, among them some legends like Petr Chech, who openly disagreed with the current situation.

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With the kick-off approaching, the news broke out that Chelsea decided the withdraw, and after that, it was announced that Man City decided to drop out of the European Super League as well.

Until the end of the day in Europe, all six English teams abandoned the ESL, and the situation calmed down. Also, it appears that AC Milan made some moves in the same direction but nothing was officially confirmed.

This is a debacle for Florentino Perez and his financial oligarchy that tried to change the landscape of the entire soccer world. Along with the help of the American owners and mighty companies, the Spaniard had a vision of breaking out from every governing body, establishing what might be financially the most profitable competition in the world.

A massive negative backlash is something they haven’t counted on, and we now see that the power of the fans overwhelmed pure financial interests.

The future of the American owners in EPL teams (Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal) is not promising. One of the main protagonists of the entire story Ed Woodward, who was the link between the clubs and the sponsors, resigned from United. According to the news from England, we might see the Glazer family moving away from the Red Devils.

The same applies to Arsenal and Liverpool, where fans already have strong movements that oppose current owners and their politics. English fans and the media were heavily insulted because of the way these teams, especially their owners, wanted to break the system that’s been around for almost a century.

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It will be interesting to see what happens next and whether Real Madrid will eventually back out from its original plans. Also, many wait to see what is going to happen with Los Blancos’ chairman, Perez.