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Eva Amurri Decides to ‘Restore’ Maiden Name After Split From Kyle Martino

“It’s EA to you, baby!” the actress, 34, captioned a Tuesday, January 7, Instagram photo of herself applying makeup with “EA” clips in her hair. “After a lot of thought, I decided to check the box with my divorce to restore my maiden name. It was a very emotional decision but an empowering one, and I’m looking forward to the fresh start this new decade brings. I’m also way into celebrating with hair accessories.”


The New York native, who shares Marlowe, 5, and Major, 3, with the NBC sports analyst, 38, went on to write, “Divorced mamas, I want to hear from you! Did you restore your maiden name or keep the same last name as your kiddos? I firmly believe there is no ‘right’ way, but I think it’s so important to discuss these kinds of things to make others feel less alone.”

The Undateable alum and Martino split in November, writing on Instagram in a joint statement: “After a lot of thoughtful consideration, and work on our relationship, we have made the difficult decision to lovingly part ways as a couple. We are committed to, and excited about, raising our three beautiful children as close friends and deep partners, and we have the utmost respect for one another. We have realized over time that the best path to happiness for us as a family is in this different direction, and we look forward to forging ahead into a new beautiful relationship. We appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate this new transition for our family.”

This news came two months after the former couple announced that they have a little one on the way. Susan Sarandon’s daughter joked in December that combining pregnancy with divorce isn’t “stressful at all.”

“We are in the last sort of mile of our divorce process and so we are doing a lot of the logistical nightmare aspects of it,” Amurri explained on her Instagram Story at the time, adding that she’s been working on changing house utilities into her name. “Never fun.”