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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a shot at US lawmakers, the day after testifying in front of Congress (FB)

Just one day after offering six hours of grueling testimony on Capitol Hill, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joked about the experience in front of a friendlier audience.

"I'm just coming from [Washington] D.C., so it's good to be somewhere where people are creating things," Zuckerberg said with a smile as he welcomed the crowd to Facebook's Instagram Next conference in New York City on Thursday.

Zuckerberg's remarks came just a day after he appeared in front of Congress on Wednesday to testify on Facebook's plans involving the Libra cryptocurrency project — but ended up speaking on a wider range of topics related to Facebook's ongoing issues with misinformation, privacy, and discrimination.

The Washington Post shared a video of Zuckerberg's opening comments, and Instagram Next attendees shared their own videos as well.

Zuckerberg faced a volley of tough questions from several members of Congress during his appearance this week, including from Rep. Joyce Beatty of Ohio and from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

While Zuckerberg said Facebook is committed to holding its plans for a digital currency until US regulators approve it, that apparently didn't stop him from taking that parting shot at lawmakers during the Instagram Next conference. That conference, closed to the public, saw Zuckerberg deliver brief opening remarks to an audience of Instagram influencers and members of the media.