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Ford is set to reveal its all-electric, Mustang-inspired SUV on the eve of the LA auto show (F)

Ford gave us a glimpse of its now hotly anticipated, Mustang inspired all-electric SUV at the Detroit auto show early this year. But it looks as if the vehicle could be revealed on the eve of media days for the Los Angeles auto show in November.

Ford released a new teaser video and a silhouette of what was termed "Mach 1" back in January. The reveal is scheduled for November 11 (the LA auto show kicks off the following Monday for the press and opens to the public that Friday, November 22 ).

We really have almost no idea what the Mach 1 project is all about, besides the Mustang basis for the design and the rumored Tesla-level range, something like 300 miles on a charge. The rendering of the vehicle appears to show a fastback coupé-type design, perhaps with just two doors.

The vehicle looks as if it could have a fastback coupé design.


Like Porsche with its Taycan EV, Fords is aiming for the performance side of the market with the new vehicle. But the company is also preparing to launch an all-electric version of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck. We've already seen a prototype of that vehicle pulling a train filled with gas-powered F-150s — a cool one million pounds.

Unlike the Taycan, which launched in Turbo and Turbo S variants priced above $100,000, the all-electric 'Stang-U-V should be relatively affordable, perhaps costing half as much as the Porsches and competing directly with Tesla's forthcoming Model Y crossover.

Ford's playbook here is interesting, but not unpredictable. The Mustang and the F-150 are its iconic products, and it's already announced plans to offer hybrid versions of both. Taking the nameplates and electrifying them capitalizes on the market strength of both vehicles, which has extensive legacies.

On the other hand, while an electric Mustang makes sense, an electric SUV with Mustang tail lights and pony badge isn't necessarily something that consumers were asking for. Nonetheless, Ford will plant its muscle-EV flag next month.