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French swimwear brand Vilebrequin said it is seriously considering bringing back its octopus print swimming trunks after Jeff Bezos wore them and created an online frenzy

Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez.

Reuters/Andrew Couldridge

Anyone who has frantically searched for a pair of Jeff Bezos' octopus print swimming trunks this summer, only to find that they have long been out of stock, may finally be in luck.

A spokesperson for French brand Vilebrequin, the maker of these trunks, told Business Insider that it is "seriously considering" bringing this design back in future collections after Bezos was photographed in the trunks and created a buzz online.

Bezos' trunks were sold as part of Vilebrequin's 2014 Spring-Summer collection, which is now out of stock. They were also previously available at Amazon.

While you can still find variations of these octopus print trunks on Vilebrequin's website, the colors and print are a little different. These cost $260 each, which is the same price as what Bezos' were sold for in 2014, according to a company spokesperson.


Bezos' trunks grabbed the internet's attention over the summer when was photographed wearing them on several occasions during his glitzy vacation to Europe with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. Sightings of his octopus trunks were first reported by The New York Post.

In one photo, Bezos and Sanchez are seen arm-in-arm walking through the streets of France's Saint-Tropez, where Vilebrequin was founded. In another, Bezos wears the trunks aboard David Geffen's $590 million superyacht, where he was seen hobnobbing with former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and model Karlie Kloss, along with her husband Josh Kushner.

In the weeks that followed, online shoppers then scrambled to find out where they could buy these online. According to fashion search site Lyst, there were more than 4,000 searches for these trunks between July and September, and the brand saw a 105% rise in page views during that time.

Because of this, the octopus print trunks made Lyst's ranking of the hottest menswear items in the most recent quarter, joining Nike's Air Jordan 1 Mid SE sneakers and Burberry's train-ticket print-leather card case in the top-10 list.

Bezos appears to have a liking for the octopus, both as a food item and a fashion print. According to a D Magazine story, the Amazon founder once ordered octopus for breakfast and used it as an analogy for his company's acquisition strategy.