From ‘Tetris’ to ‘Tomb Raider,’ here are all 24 games that have made it into the World Video Game Hall of Fame

While video games have become a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide, gaming is still a relatively young art form — and understanding the history and legacy of the world's most iconic games has become increasingly important as video games shape more of our pop culture.

Based in Rochester, New York, the Strong National Museum of Play established the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2015 to help do that. The museum has now inducted a total of 24 titles.

Nominees are judged based on their long-lasting popularity, international appeal, and overall cultural influence. Games that join the Hall of Fame are also added to the Strong Museum's interactive arcade exhibit, eGameRevolution. Each inductee is given a full Hall of Fame profile and comments from their creators can be found on Strong's website.

Here's every game in the World Video Game Hall of Fame, in the order they were inducted:

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