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Google parent Alphabet is set to report 3rd-quarter earnings on Monday. Here’s what Wall Street analysts are saying ahead of the results. (GOOGL)

Beck Diefenbach/Reuters

  • Alphabet is scheduled to report third-quarter earnings after market close Monday.
  • Analysts are expecting the company's dominance in search and digital advertising to deliver steady revenue growth.
  • The tech conglomerate has also been investing heavily in its Google Cloud business, which reached an $8 billion annual revenue run rate during the second quarter.
  • Here's what Wall Street is saying ahead of Alphabet's report.
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Tech conglomerate Alphabet is set to release third-quarter financial results Monday after the closing bell.

Here are some of the key consensus estimates for the company's third-quarter results:

Revenue: $32.72 billion

Earnings per share: $14.11

Net income: $9.72 billion

Analysts are largely expecting Alphabet-owned Google's entrenched position in the search and digital advertising markets to drive steady revenue growth for the quarter.

There's also been an increased focus on the company's non-advertising businesses such as Google Cloud. Alphabet said on its second-quarter earnings call that its cloud business was one of the largest drivers of overall sales growth with an $8 billion annual revenue run rate.

Investors and analysts will likely be looking to see if the company can continue to grow its cloud business – which includes the G Suite featuring applications like Gmail and Google Drive, as well as enterprise cloud solutions.

The company is furthering its investment in cloud with the launch next month of a cloud-based gaming platform called Stadia. The service will be available starting November 19 for $9.99 per month for the Pro subscription.

Alphabet has strong support from analysts with 36 "buy" ratings, six "hold" ratings, and zero "sell" ratings.

Here's what Wall Street is saying ahead of Alphabet's third-quarter report: