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Grimes maybe-pregnancy Instagram post has prompted confusion, congratulations, and alien jokes from spectators including presidential candidate Andrew Yang and rapper Azealia Banks

In a fiery Instagram post with a fetus photoshopped onto her stomach, singer Grimes may have announced that she was pregnant. Or she could simply be teasing her new album “Miss Anthropocene,” set to be released in February.

But the post, in which Grimes appeared topless, has made waves on social media. People have speculated whether the pregnancy is real and whether Grimes was having the baby with her on-again off-again partner Elon Musk. Friends and feuders alike have congratulated the couple. And a number of people have found the news easy fodder to crack alien jokes.

US presidential candidate Andrew Yang kept it simple, tagging Musk and Grimes in a congratulatory tweet. Musk has endorsed Yang before.

Rapper Azealia Banks told Business Insider's Kate Taylor that she was “tremendously proud of C. Elon is extraordinary.” Perhaps in reference to Grimes' ambiguous post, she added, “They are the first of their kind to do such a thing. The merging of Tech & Art pushed thru Pop Culture's lens.”

Banks has a sometimes-rocky relationship with the couple, posting on Instagram once that “staying in Elon musks house has been like a real like episode of 'Get Out.'” A series of Instagram stories in August 2018 detailing Banks' weekend with the couple now provided fodder for commentators looking to crack jokes about the maybe-baby online.

Still others opted to crack jokes about how alien any child of Grimes and Musk's would be. Musk, who is also the CEO of SpaceX, is a proponent of colonizing Mars: