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Heather Locklear Released From Rehab After Assaulting EMT

Heather Locklear Released From Rehab After Assaulting EMT

Heather Locklear was released from a rehab center after a 30-day stay following her assault of an emergency medical technician and a law enforcement officer in June 2018, Us Weekly can confirm.  

Locklear’s lawyers filed documents on Wednesday, October 9, in Los Angeles court titled “Defendant’s Proof of Completion of Residential Treatment Program.” As part of her plea agreement, the 57-year-old actress will remain on probation and continue seeking therapy through an out-patient program.

The Melrose Place alum was in August after she pleaded no contest to eight misdemeanor charges, which included five counts of battery on a peace officer, one count of battery on emergency personnel and two counts of resisting arrest. The judge initially sentenced Locklear to 120 days in jail, however, the ruling was halted pending the completion of the treatment program.

The former Spin City star also received three years of informal probation. Though Locklear doesn’t need to check in with a probation officer, she isn’t allowed to consume alcohol, take non-prescription medication or possess dangerous or deadly weapons. She will be sent to jail for 120 days if she fails to abide by the terms. Locklear’s attorneys will also need to appear in court on October 10 to provide a progress report on how she did rehab and how she’s doing since she left.  


Locklear was in November 2018. According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly, Hayn-Hilton claimed that Locklear “struck, kicked and battered” her and wished that the EMT’s children “would all die of AIDs” when Hayn-Hilton responded to a 911 call at the Dynasty alum’s home in June 2018. The technician sought payment for medical expenses, as well as compensation for loss of earnings, suit costs and other damages. The in August.  

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office told Us in June 2018 that Locklear was “” and “very, very uncooperative” at the time of her arrest. Officers added that a family member of the Golden Globe nominee called 911 twice to report a “disturbance” at the actress’ home.  

Locklear was in June 2018, just hours after she was bailed out of jail for the assault. 

Locklear was previously taken into custody in February 2018 after a with her then-boyfriend, Chris Heisser. The California native, whose , instead faced four counts of misdemeanor battery on a police officer and one of resisting or obstructing a law enforcement official.  

Locklear was placed on a in November 2018 following reports that she had assaulted Heiser. She checked into rehab a week later, which was her third time in treatment last year. She opened up about her in an Instagram post in September 2018.

“Addiction is ferocious and will try to take you down. Recovery is the best revenge,” she wrote at the time. “Be kind to everyone you meet, your light just might change their path.”

With reporting by Marjorie Hernandez