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Here Are The 5 Ways to Welcome New Employees in Company

Here Are The 5 Ways to Welcome New Employees in Company

Onboarding the new employee is about welcoming them, including all the crucial factors such as knowledge sharing about the vision and mission of the organization, interaction with the whole team, and so on.

And these things should happen in a manner that a new employee instantly feels appreciated and part of the organization.

Hence, to induce productive new hires faster then the welcome process must be more sounder and grand. Consequently, we have brought out this blog where you will 5 different ways to welcome the new hire.

Let’s dive into the pool tips:

#1: Clean and Clear New Work Space

I know this point does not need to be mentioned with heavy weightage, but apparently, it does.

According to the CEO of iSmartRecruit, Amit Ghodasara “Workspace is the place from where employees start and end their journey and spend their maximum time, thus, should be in the way that employees needed.”

So, let the workspace partially empty and give the direction of the things that are obtainable inside the organization and allow them to organize their own dream workspace. Employees really turn into productive, ones when they are happy with the place they are working from.

#2: The Welcome Box

Greet the new employees by providing them a welcome box is an extremely wonderful idea. A little welcome box with some materialistic things such as a coffee mug, photo frame, welcome note, a stress ball, and many more personalized things that make them feel home.

Put something into the welcome box that shows your friendly work environment and team that are willing to work together.

#3: Give Them a Buddy/Mentor

Asking for help from the people you are fully unknown of, isn’t always easy. Pair the new hire with the existing and right employee in order to make the interaction process easy.

The buddy will help them to answer all their formal and informal questions. Moreover, they ensure that the new hire is learning and enjoying their job as well.

The more experienced person can efficiently guide the new hire about the company culture, environment and office function. Hence, select the right employee for the new hire who can guide him as a mentor and interact as a buddy.

#4: Organize a Part for Them

Nothing is more thoughtful than welcoming new hires by throwing a surprise party, and that is just for them.

Low level of pressure and stress, informal gathering with team members before starting work as a responsible employee can help new hires to get excited about the new job position and working with the team.

It is not necessary to host a great party; the only purpose of throwing a party is to create massive interaction between the team members and new hire. Thus, a grand part or small that even doesn’t matter.

#5: Ask Them for Their Feedback

New hires’ first day and first experience in your company should highly matter for you as an employer.

Take their feedback from day one about their onboarding process, is there lack of anything, the challenges they are facing or anything else that you want to know. This information guides you toward the smoothen onboarding process.

The feedback approach makes the new hire believe that your value to them and their comfort is the primary focusable point for you.

The Conclusion Part

Employees’ happiness is the root of their productivity. Thus, start to give attention to their happiness and comforts from the first day of the job.

If you’re hiring a new employee for your organization and want to welcome them, then don’t forget to follow the above tips and ways.