Here’s how the new $1,100 iPhone 11 Pro Max compares to Apple’s other big phone, the iPhone XS Max (AAPL)

In its annual tradition, Apple announces new iPhones every fall, leading people around the world to wonder if the upgrade is worth it.

With three camera lenses and the capacity for high quality photo and video editing, the iPhone 11 Pro Max seems aimed creative professionals and those willing to pay top dollar for the latest Apple tech. If you don't need those updates, but like being able to take amazing amateur photos, is upgrading worth the $1099 starting price? Or should you stick with your older iPhone XS Max? We break down the new features Apple announced on Tuesday to help you decide if now is the time to upgrade.

There are some significant differences between the phones, so we can help you tell them apart and decide which device fits your needs. Here's how the iPhone 11 Pro Max compares to the iPhone XS Max.

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