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Heroic baseball fan takes home run to the gut in order to save beers

A fan sitting in the first row of the outfield stands at Nationals Park on Sunday night made the best defensive play of the World Series thus far, taking a home run to the chest in order to protect the two beers he was double-fisting.

The viral moment took place in the second inning, when Astros outfielder Yordan Alverez opened up the scoring with a two-run home run over the wall in left field.

Standing just over the top of the wall was a Nationals fan in a grey shirt, who was carrying a Bud Light tall boy in each hand. Rather than drop one or both of his beers in an attempt to make a catch on the home run ball, the fan braced for impact, taking the Alverez dinger to the chest and preserving every drop of his beverages.

On Twitter, fans immediately recognized the fans heroism, and applauded him for his effort.

After tonight, the World Series will return to Houston to decide a champion for the 2019 season.

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