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House overwhelmingly passes bill to sanction Chinese officials over abuse and detention of Muslims in Xinjiang

The House on Tuesday passed bipartisan legislation condemning human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims in China's autonomous Xinjiang region. It calls for sanctions against senior Chinese officials for their roles in the abuse.

The bill, called The Uighur Act of 2019, was overwhelmingly supported by a vote of 407-1. Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky was the only one who voted against the measure.

The legislation, which is a tougher version of a bill passed in September in the Senate, now heads back to the Senate for another vote.

The Uighur bill follows legislation passed by President Donald Trump last week supporting human rights in Hong Kong.

China has been accused of running detention centers in Xinjiang. Interviews with people who were held in the camps reveal allegations of beatings and food deprivation, as well as medical experimentation on prisoners.

China has acknowledged the existence of some “reeducation camps” but repeatedly denied any reports of abuse at its facilities.

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