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How Ali Wong Became the Current Queen of Comedy

How Ali Wong Became the Current Queen of Comedy

Anywhere you turn, there is a pretty good chance you'll see Ali Wong.

Turn on your TV and you may end up watching an episode of Fresh Off the Boat, where Wong served as a staff writer, or catch her co-starring as a tiger mom on ABC's American Housewife.

Flip over to binge some Netflix and you'll find her face next to two of the streamer's most popular comedy specials (Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife), hear her voicing an animated character on the cancelled-too-soon program Tuca & Bertie or see her star in the adorable 2019 E! People's Choice Awards-nominated rom-com Always Be My Maybe.

And if your friend asks if you are free this weekend, there is a solid chance they are asking because they want to go witness Wong's stand-up routine live on her current Milk & Honey tour. Although, good luck getting tickets, since all upcoming dates are currently sold out.

Wong is undeniably one of the biggest stars in comedy right now, having burst into public consciousness after 2016's Baby Cobra made the bawdy, energetic jokester into a star.

However, like any seemingly overnight success, Wong rise to the top was thanks to years of hard work honing her routine, never stepping away from the stage for more than two weeks since she committed to becoming a stand-up over a decade ago.