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How Gabrielle Union Made All of Her Wildest Dreams Come True

How Gabrielle Union Made All of Her Wildest Dreams Come True

Should Gabrielle Union ever blank on just how far she's come, she has a tangible reminder to look back on.

Two decades after the Omaha native burst into the public consciousness with back-to-back roles in such beloved fare as She's All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, Love & Basketball and, of course, Bring It On, she still maintains her annual practice of crafting a vision board. (Included on her first ever: a hair care line, Kenya and a positive pregnancy test.)

"As goals manifest, I've been able to look at my boards and say, 'Damn, I put in a lot of work and deserve it.' That's helped me to stop feeling suspicious of joy," she explained to Redbook last year. "To not sabotage some­thing before I've had a chance to do it because I assume I'll be rejected."

Because, generally speaking, when she sets out to make something happen…it does. See: Flawless by Gabrielle Union, the hair care brand that's a relatively recent addition to an empire that also includes fashion, endorsement gigs, a wine line, a production company, her wildly popular memoir, a new role as judge on America's Got Talent and, of course, a steady stream of acting work.