How much the Apple Watch costs in 15 countries around the world

After Apple's "By Innovation Only" event on September 10, you might be tempted by the Apple Watch Series 5.

The most recent iteration of the watch has a compelling always-on display, a compass, and other new health features. If you want to spend a bit less, you might go for the Apple Watch Series 3, which has many of the same features as the Series 5, like Apple Pay, GPS, and more.

How much you'll pay depends on which watch you choose, how you customize the watch in the new Apple Watch Studio, and what country you're in. Both versions are available with either just GPS, or GPS and a cellular connection, so the watch can connect to a cell network without needing to be near a phone.

The prices vary widely even among the base version of these models, from relatively low prices in the US and Canada to much higher prices in Brazil and Russia. Not all models available in the US are available in other countries.

Here's how much the base model Apple Watches cost in 15 countries.

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