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How to cancel a Lyft ride and not get charged with a fee

How to cancel a Lyft ride and not get charged with a fee

Lyft and other rideshare services are all about ease of us, so it only makes sense that the app makes it easy to cancel a ride.

If you suddenly change your mind and decide to walk, learn you have to leave your home or office a bit later, or if your plans change for any other reason, you can cancel your Lyft ride with just a few taps in the Lyft app for iPhone or Android.

But be quick — you have only two minutes to cancel a Lyft after you request a ride before you're charged a fee, which is $10 in most locations but varies by region.

And speaking of changed plans, if you scheduled a Lyft in advance, you need to cancel before you're matched with a driver, or else you'll be hit with that same fee.

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How to cancel a Lyft ride you just booked

1. As soon as you decide to cancel the trip, tap "Edit ride" at the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Tap "Cancel ride."

Tap "Cancel ride" within two minutes of ordering the ride to avoid a fee.

Steven John/Business Insider

3. Confirm the cancellation by clicking the red words "Cancel ride."

Confirm that you want to cancel your ride.

Steven John/Business Insider

How to cancel a scheduled Lyft trip

1. Tap the calendar icon on the top right corner of the Lyft app homepage.

2. Tap the "x" above "Cancel ride."

3. Hit "Cancel" in the purple window to confirm the cancellation.

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