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How to charge a Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers in 2 different ways

How to charge a Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers in 2 different ways

Without a pair of charged up Joy-Con controllers, your Nintendo Switch isn't going to be much fun.

The good news is that you can charge the controllers even while playing, and you can enjoy up to 20 hours of active gaming when the Joy-Con's batteries are fully powered up.

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How to charge a Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers

Connect the controllers to the console

The easiest way to charge the Joy-Con controllers is to connect them to the Nintendo Switch console while the unit is connected to the AC power unit that comes with the console.

You can achieve this by resting the console in its dock when you're not using it (as pictured above) or by connecting the Switch to power directly when you will be using its built-in screen for play (as pictured below).

Joy-Con controllers begin charging as soon as they are connected to the Switch console, even ifit's not connected to power.

Steven John/Business Insider

When plugged in and not in use, the Joy-Con controllers will take about three hours and a half to fully charge, and this charge should last for about 20 hours of use.

If you connect the controllers to a Switch console that is not plugged into power, the Joy-Cons will be charged to about half power or until the Switch's battery runs low, whichever happens first.

Connect the controllers to a charging grip

If you want to play on a TV and charge your Joy-Con controllers at the same time, you need to buy a charging grip separately.

A charging grip effectively powers up Joy-Con batteries even during active use on another display.

Steven John/Business Insider

You can connect this controller grip to your AC power unit, and it will charge the Joy-Cons even as you use them on another display.

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