How to connect a wireless Apple keyboard to your iPad and use it to type in any app

Typing on an iPad can be a frustrating affair. The faster your fingers fly, the more typos you make. And while all of the numbers and punctuation marks you find on a standard keyboard can be accessed when typing on an iPad, you have to cycle through several screens to locate many of them.

Pairing a wireless Apple Magic Keyboard to your iPad allows you to enjoy a standard typing experience with full-sized keys and ready access to all the numbers and symbols you use every day. And the process of connecting the Magic Keyboard takes all of 30 seconds.

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How to connect an Apple Magic Keyboard to your iPad

1. Turn the Magic Keyboard on via the rear switch — if the device is already on, switch it off, then on again, as this puts it into pairing mode.

Turn on your Magic Keyboard using the switch in the back.


2. Open your iPad's Settings app.

3. Tap the "Bluetooth" tab.

4. Once it appears on the bottom of the next screen, tap "Keyboard" or "Magic Keyboard."

Once the "Keyboard" option appears for pairing, tap it.

Steven John/Business Insider

Once your iPad says that the keyboard is "Connected," you're done.

The next time you type in an app, email, or text, enjoy typing on your full-sized keyboard rather than the screen.

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