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How to create a folder on your iPad to organize apps and clean up your home screen

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There are few things more gut wrenching than the home screen of a computer so cluttered with files and programs that you can hardly see the background. That's what the hard drive is for, right? And folders within the hard drive, to be specific.

Folders can help clear clutter and are also useful if more than one person shares an iPad.

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With your iPad, however, the same organizational options that you enjoy on a computer just aren't available. But that doesn't mean you need to fill up those various home screens with so many apps that you spend more time swiping and searching than actually engaging with software.

Just create folders on your iPad and group apps logically. You'll save yourself time and frustration and enjoy a crisper, more approachable tablet.

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How to create a folder on your iPad

1. Start by identifying two apps you wish to be in a folder together and hold a finger down on one until it begins wiggling (and displays an "X" in the corner).

  • In iOS 13 or later, press on the app you'd like to create a folder with until a menu pops up. Select "Rearrange Apps" from the list.

2. Drag that app atop the second, and then release.

3. A folder will instantly be created and pop open with a suggested title. You can accept it, or tap the title to enter your own.

Use folder names that will help you identify the type of app within at a glance, as the thumbnail images can be hard to see.

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4. Now you can use the same technique to drag other apps into the folder.

And if you ever want to delete the folder, just drag every app out of it. After the last is removed, it will disappear.

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