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How to delete your Facebook account on an iPhone using the Facebook mobile app

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If you're wasting too much time on Facebook or you're tired of getting notifications on your iPhone, or both, just delete the Facebook app off your phone.

It couldn't be any easier to do so, you just swipe to the screen with the Facebook logo, hold a finger down on the app until it starts wiggling, tap the little "X" at the corner of the app (or tap "Rearrange apps" and then the "X" if you're running iOS 13), then hit "Delete" on the popup window to confirm the move.

Consider simply deleting your Facebook app rather than your account if you are spending too much time on social media.

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However, if you are done with Facebook altogether, including the mobile app and full site on your computer, you can rather quickly delete your Facebook account using the mobile app.

Here's how, in quite a few steps, which can change from time to time with updates.

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How to delete your Facebook account on an iPhone using the Facebook mobile app

1. Launch the Facebook app on your phone and then tap the three parallel lines at the bottom right corner.

2. Tap "Settings & Privacy" at the bottom of the list, and then "Settings."

The option to deactivate the account has the same effect as deleting your account, but isn't permanent.

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3. Scroll down and tap "Account Ownership and Control."

Select "Account Ownership and Control" from the menu.

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4. Tap "Deactivation and Deletion."

5. Select "Delete Account" by tapping the dot beside that option, then hit the blue "Continue to Account Deletion" button.

First, click the circle next to "Delete Account." Then, click the blue "Continue to Account Deletion" button.

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6. Scroll down and tap "Delete Account" and then confirm the deletion with your password, then one more tap.

Don't forget that any pictures, chats, or other media connected to your Facebook account will also be lost when you delete the account.

Steven John/Business Insider

And don't worry, if you change your mind within 30 days, you can simply log into your Facebook account to stop it from being forever purged from the internet.

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