How to find and track flights using Google Flights to get the best deal on your next flight

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You don't have to fly a lot to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to airfare. The world's most popular search engine introduced Google Flights in 2011, and since then it has become increasingly user-friendly across its desktop computer set-up and your phone's preferred browser.

With Google Flights you can find and book flights tailored to your specific needs with any airline. You can also track flights to see when the best time to book is, and set up alerts to your Gmail account whenever your trip's price fluctuates.

How to find a flight using Google Flights on desktop

1. Launch your preferred browser and go to

2. Enter in all the required fields (passengers, roundtrip/one-way, seating class, departure city, destination city, and travel dates).

3. Click Search.

Enter in your departure and return dates (if roundtrip) and search.

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4. Google Flights will then generate the cheapest departure flights first, with its recommended flights at the top. You can specify based on time of day, stops, number of bags, price, and connecting airports by using the dropdown menus near the top.

5. Select the departure flights that best fit your needs.

6. Next, select a return flight. You can alter specifications at this step, too, by using the dropdown menus near the top.

Select a return flight.

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7. Now that you've selected the flights for your trip, Google Flights will give you an option to book them. Under "Booking Options" select the option best fit for your needs. Once you choose a booking option, Google Flights will take you to the airline's third-party website to complete, or if the airline is partnered with Google, you can select "Book on Google" without leaving the page.

Book by selecting one of the options under "Booking options."

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How to track and manage a flight with Google Flights on desktop

If you went through the process of finding a flight with Google Flights but don't want to book right away because of cost or your trip is still weeks away, Google gives you the option to track the flight's price, periodically sending you an email whenever the price goes up or down.

1. Follow the steps for "How to find a flight using Google Flights" above before continuing.

2. Under the total price near the top of the screen, select "Track Prices" — after selecting, Google will periodically send an email to your Gmail account whenever the price goes up or down.

Select "Track Prices" to receive emails from Google Flights.

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3. To manage your tracked flights, first go to

4. Under the Google Flights search area, you will see a sub-section titled "Tracked Prices." To the right, select "View All" to manage your tracked flights.

Select "View All" to see tracked flights.

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5. Next, scroll to find the tracked flight you wish to manage. Here you can delete the tracked flight by selecting the trash icon, turn off notifications by selecting the bell icon, or see booking options for the flight.

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