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How to find the IP address on your iPad in 4 simple steps

How to find the IP address on your iPad in 4 simple steps

Your iPad's IP address is one of the most important bits of information about your device. It's how the internet identifies your iPad, and is usually assigned arbitrarily by your router or DHCP.

However, in some cases, an IP address can be a permanent non-changing number manually assigned by an administrator.

Regardless of how it is assigned, the IP address is a series of numbers, e.g. 123.56.447.9.

Your web-surfing habits (from shopping to searching to emailing) are all connected to your IP address. To troubleshoot network issues, you may need your IP address, and there are other uses for your IP address as well.

Here's how to find your iPad's IP address.

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How to find the IP address on an iPad

1. Open your Settings app.

2. Tap on "Wi-Fi."

3. Tap on the network your iPad is connected to (one with a check next to it). This will pull up the information for the network and your iPad.

4. The IP address will be listed in the second box, under IPV4 address.

Your IP address will be labeled on the network information page.

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If you need it for something, copy the numbers and paste them elsewhere so you can pull them up quickly.

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