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How to organize the photos on your iPhone by creating custom albums

How to organize the photos on your iPhone by creating custom albums

When you open your iPhone's Photos app, you'll be met with several different ways to view your images and videos. The most straightforward way is to tap on the word "Photos" at the bottom-left of the screen, which will give you access to every image and video in your phone's entire library, sorted by date and location.

You can also tap the blue arrow in the top-left to zoom out, and view more photos at once. But looking at so many photos at once can be overwhelming.

A better way to manage your media is found under the photo app's "Albums" tab. There, you 'll see a few albums your iPhone creates by default, like "All Photos," "Favorites," and, if you scroll down, albums for videos, portrait snaps, selfies, and more.

These types of categories make managing your photos easier, but the best thing you can do, especially if you're a prolific iPhone photographer, is to create new albums with personalized names.

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How to organize your photos on iPhone by creating albums

1. In the Photos app's "Albums" tab, tap the blue plus (+) symbol in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap the "New Album" plus sign at the top of the screen.

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2. Tap "New Album" (or create a "New Shared Album").

3. Enter the name of the new album.

4. Find and tap all the images and videos you want to add to the album, then hit "Done."

Go through your existing folders to select pictures to put into your new album.

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Now, whenever you take or download a new image, you can add it to that or any other album.

How to add photos to a custom album on an iPhone

To do that, go to a photo or video, or just select it in your camera roll, and then press the Share icon (it looks like an arrow pointing upwards out of a box). Then, click "Add to Album."

In the sharing menu, tap "Add to Album."

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Note that your photos or videos will still appear in "All Photos," and keep in mind you can always remove a file from an album without deleting it off your phone.