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How to record audio on Windows 10 using the Microsoft Voice Recorder app

Windows 10 offers a slew of ways for users to operate their devices, from computers to tablets.

One of the most useful features Windows 10 offers, is the ability to record audio without the use of third-party applications or websites. Here's how to record audio on Windows 10 using the Microsoft Voice Recorder app.

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How to record audio on Windows 10 using Microsoft Voice Recorder

1. Boot up your Windows 10 PC.

2. Launch the “Microsoft Store” application.

3. On the Microsoft Store page, move your cursor to the search bar on the right-hand corner of the screen and type in “Microsoft Voice Recorder,” then click “Enter” on your keyboard.

4. Click “Get” and a download will begin for “Microsoft Voice Recorder” (don't worry, it's free to download) on your Windows 10 PC, then launch the application.

Alternatively, if you type in “Microsoft Voice Recorder” a drop-down will appear showing the app, and clicking on it will take you to the product page.

Taylor Lyles/Business Insider

5. Once “Windows Voice Recorder” launches, click the “Record button” to begin recording audio.

Pressing “Ctrl” + “R” on your keyboard can also prompt the application to start recording audio.

Taylor Lyles/Business Insider

6. When you are finished, click the “Stop” button and a new window will appear showing any audio recordings you have available.

When your cursor is on an audio file, right-click your mouse and a few options will appear, including the option to rename your audio file.

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7. To playback audio you recorded click on the audio file, then press “Play” on the right-hand side of the audio clip. You can also export, trim, or delete your audio file on this screen.

If you want to trim the file, you can click the button on the bottom right-side corner of the screen. It's located in between the “Share” and “Delete” buttons.

Taylor Lyles/Business Insider

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