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How to record gameplay on your PS4, edit it, and share it online

How to record gameplay on your PS4, edit it, and share it online

Gaming is great alone, but often better as a shared experience. Even if you're playing solo, you might still want to share highlights of your game with friends by posting video clips of your favorite moments to social media. Luckily, the PS4 has video recording features built in for just this sort of thing.

Not only can you start recording to capture gameplay that's about to begin, but the PS4 is always recording the last 15 minutes of gaming, so it's easy to save a great moment that just happened.

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How to record gameplay on the PS4

Recording gameplay couldn't be simpler.

When you're within a game and ready to begin recording, double-press the Share button on the controller. Your PS4 will immediately start recording (a small flag will briefly appear on the left side of the screen to let you know), and will continue to record for its default recording time (which is 15 minutes, but you can change that), or until you stop recording manually.

When you double-press the Share button, you'll see a flag on the side of the screen that indicates you've started recording.

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If you want to stop recording before the default time period is over, double-press the Share button a second time. The video clip will be automatically saved in the Capture Gallery.

How to save the last 15 minutes of gameplay

If you weren't recording but want to save video of something that just happened in a game, you're in luck. Like a TiVo that's always recording in the background, your PS4 is always capturing the last 15 minutes of gameplay, just in case you decide you want it.

To save the video, briefly press the Share button. In the Share menu, select "Save Video Clip."

Open the Share menu and choose Save Video Clip to save the last 15 minutes of game video.

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How to edit and share your video

Once you've captured your video, you can trim it down to the best part, and post it to social media.

1. From the PS4's Home screen, select the Capture Gallery.

2. Find and highlight the video you want to share.

3. Press the Options button, and then in the Options menu, select "Trim."

You can use the Capture Gallery to trim the start and end points of your video.

Dave Johnson/Business Insider

4. On the Trim page, you can change the start and stop point of the video, but by default, you can only trim in 10-second intervals. If you want more precise control over your video, select the menu that says "10 Second Intervals" and choose a smaller number, such as five seconds or even one second.

If 10-second intervals aren't precise enough, you can adjust the start and end points in as little as one-second intervals.

Dave Johnson/Business Insider

5. Use the D-pad on the controller to scroll to where you want the video to start and then select that point. Choose "Start Here" from the menu.

Find the point where you want the video to begin, and choose "Start Here."

Dave Johnson/Business Insider

6. Repeat the process for the ending of the video, and then select "OK."

7. Choose whether you want to save your clip as a new video, or overwrite the recording.

8. Back in the Capture Gallery, press the Share button on the controller, choose which social media service to post the video to, and follow the instructions.

How to change how long your PS4 records gameplay for

You can change the default time that video clips are recorded for when you double-press the Share button in just a few steps.

1. From the PS4's Home screen, briefly press the Share button.

2. In the Share menu, select "Sharing and Broadcast Settings."

The Sharing and Broadcast Settings allow you to vary how long video is recorded.

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3. Select "Video Clip Settings."

4. Select "Length of Video Clip."

5. Choose the time from the pop-out menu, from 30 seconds to 60 minutes.

Use the Video Clip Settings page to change the default video recording time.

Dave Johnson/Business Insider

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