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How to remove the password from your iPad in 4 simple steps

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Are you tired of tapping in your multi-digit passcode each and every time you open up your iPad?

If your iPad is often in a public place, a busy office, a college classroom, or really anywhere but inside your own home, you should probably just leave the passcode in place.

Once unlocked, anyone using your iPad may be able to access your bank, credit, or PayPal account, send emails, texts, or social media messages posing as you, steal documents and files, and generally just mess things up for you.

On the other hand, if your iPad is always safe at home or tucked away in a bag on your person (or locked in a safe or protected by armed guard and so on) then go ahead and remove the iPad passcode to save yourself some time.

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How to remove your iPad password

1. Launch the Settings app and tap on "Touch ID & Passcode."

Entering a passcode is a mild inconvenience and well worth the effort if there’s any chance anyone could get your tablet away from you.

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2. Put in your passcode to enter this sensitive menu.

3. Tap "Turn Passcode Off."

Tap "Turn Passcode Off" from the "Touch ID & Passcode" menu.

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4. Tap "Turn Off" to confirm.

You should reactivate an iPad passcode any time you take the tablet away from home.

Steven John/Business Insider

And do take heed of the warning Apple includes with this action, which warns that any Apple Pay cards you have set up will be removed and that if you forget your Apple ID password you can't use your passcode to reset it.

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