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How to send a video from an iPhone to an Android phone in 3 different ways

How to send a video from an iPhone to an Android phone in 3 different ways

AirDrop is one of the coolest features on the iPhone and other Apple devices.

With a few quick taps on the screen, you can share photos, notes, contact information, and many more types of data. AirDrop even allows iOS devices to share large files, like videos, in a matter of seconds with minimal effort.

The issue is that the AirDrop feature is strictly limited to communication between Apple devices. If you want to share a video with someone who uses an Android smartphone, you're going to have to get a bit more creative.

Here are the best ways to do it.

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How to send a video from an iPhone to an Android phone through email or text

If you're trying to send a video from an iPhone to an Android device and the clip is less than 15 or 20 seconds long, you can usually send it as an attachment via email or text.

The email size limit is 20 megabytes for some platforms, and 25 MB for others, but in most cases short videos will go through just fine.

Text messages can handle shorter video attachments and are often more convenient than email, but they too have limits, especially when using an SMS or MMS format — iMessages can handle much larger file transfers.

How to send a longer video from an iPhone to an Android phone using a cloud service

There are multiple cloud services out there, with Google Drive being a superb choice due to its ease of use and the fact that it's free (up to a certain volume of data).

To share a file from your iPhone to an Android phone via Drive, first install the free Drive app or open it if you already use it.

1. In the Drive app, press the colorful plus (+) symbol at the bottom right corner, and then tap "Upload."

2. Next, choose "Photos and Videos" then find the video you want to send from your iPhone library.

Select Photos and Videos.

Steven John/Business Insider

3. Upload the file, then locate the video in your Drive by searching for recent files.

4. Tap the three dots beside the file, select share, and then enter the email address of the Android user.

How to send a video from iPhone to Android using another third-party app

The Send Anywhere app makes it easy to share videos (and other files) from iPhone to Android.

Just install the free app, allow it to access your media library, and then find the video you want to send. Tap the circle to the left of the video to select it and then hit send.

Select the video you want to send to another device.

Steven John/Business Insider

The app will generate a six-digit code and then begin searching for nearby devices.

The app will give you a six-digit code that needs to be typed in on both devices.

Steven John/Business Insider

Once one is found, like your friend's Android phone, they will be prompted to use the same code, and then the transfer will commence.

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