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How to vote tactically in the 2019 UK general election

The UK is set for a general election in December, after Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that his party will back Prime Minister Boris Johnson's bid for a snap poll.

The UK Parliament will on Tuesday vote on whether to confirm Johnson's request for an election on December 12, with opposition parties seeking to amend the vote to secure a poll on December 9 instead.

The outcome of the election could determine whether the UK will leave the EU as well as who will govern the country for the next five years.

Johnson's Conservative Party are the current favourites to win any contest, with polls giving them an average 10-point lead.

However, volatility among the electorate is at historical highs, with big shifts in voting intention over the past six months.

As a result, one polling expert, Chris Curtis from YouGov, told Business Insider this week that there were several reasons to believe that "tactical voting could be more effective" than in previous elections.

Most importantly there is now "very low partisan alignment" among British voters, meaning that the way people voted in the 2016 EU referendum is now a much bigger factor in deciding their vote, than which party they backed in the last general election.

This means that the outcome of this election is far from certain and tactical voting could have a big impact on the result.

How to vote tactically on Brexit in the general election

How to vote tactically on Brexit


The major UK political parties go into the election with radically different positions on Brexit. In short:

  • A vote for the Conservative party is a vote to take Britain out of the EU.
  • A vote for the Labour Party is a vote to put any Brexit deal to a referendum, in which voters could vote to remain.
  • A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit.
  • A vote for the Brexit Party is a vote for a no-deal Brexit.

With the election set to take place before Britain is scheduled to leave the EU, that means there could be unprecedented amounts of tactical voting by voters on both sides of the Brexit divide.

Campaigners are due to launch a series of websites and apps designed to help voters seeking to vote tactically in the upcoming election in order to get their desired Brexit outcome.

Here is our guide to voting tactically in the 2019 general election.

Here are the websites that can help you decide your tactical vote

Tactical voting websites

The 2017 general election saw a swathe of websites launched to help voters decide which candidates were best-placed to stop their least favourite party from winning in their constituency.

Here are the websites and guides which have already been launched, or planned, for the 2019 general election.

  • The website allows those people seeking to prevent a Conservative victory in the general election to see which party is best-placed to defeat the government in their local constituency. The website is based on historical election data rather than recent opinion polls, meaning it can only be a rough guide to the candidates best placed to win each seat.
  • People's Vote guide to tactical voting The campaign for a second referendum is set to launch its own guide to voting tactically in order to ensure a fresh vote on the UK's membership of the EU. You can sign up for it here.