I spent a few minutes with Apple’s 3 brand-new iPhones — here are the biggest things I noticed (AAPL)

During my time using Apple's new iPhones, it was the tiny details in Apple's camera software that impressed me the most.

The camera will automatically switch to its ultra-wide-angle camera if the phone is tilted from portrait to landscape mode, for example. That's because the software assumes that you're probably trying to capture a wider shot, since you changed the phone's orientation. In my experience, this worked just about instantly with no noticeable lag.

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max also come with a new feature that lets you switch between camera and video mode just by holding down the shutter button. But when you do this, you'll notice that a tiny lock symbol appears to the right of the button, signaling that you should slide the button over to keep recording.

It's a subtle software flourish that feels classically Apple. It's reminiscent of the way the slide-to-unlock logo on the iPhone's old lock screen used to illuminate in the same direction in which you needed to swipe to unlock the phone, guiding you along the way.

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