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Inside Zendaya’s Euphoric Year

Inside Zendaya’s Euphoric Year

It was only a few years ago that Zendaya found herself unsure of what would be next for her.

Upon completing filming on the back-to-back productions that would serve as her feature film debuts—Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman—the actress had no choice but to return to the place that made her a household name—The Disney Channel—and contemplate her next move. There was still work to be done on K.C. Undercover, her second show on the network that would eventually run for three seasons from 2015-18, but something had changed inside her.

"After shooting The Greatest Showman and Spider-Man, I went back to my Disney show, which is kind of like going to college and then having to go back and do the same grade over and over again," the actress, who earned her first producer credit on K.C. Undercover, told The New York Times in June. "Not that I didn't appreciate having a job. But it's like you turn a switch on and do it, and then you get turned off and go home. I wanted more."

As we saw this summer, she certainly got what she wished for.

From a fairy-tale appearance on the red carpet at the 2019 Met Gala to the lead role in HBO's buzzy new teen drama Euphoria, the record-breaking box office of Spider-Man: Far From Home (which saw her role in the franchise beefed up considerably) to nominations for The Female Movie Star of 2019 and The Drama TV Star of 2019 for both at this year's People's Choice Awards (held on Sunday, Nov. 10 only on E!), this year has given Z a lot to celebrate.