I’ve only been using the new Apple Watch Series 5 for a few hours, but I can already tell its new display is going to be a game-changer (AAPL)

When Apple unveiled the first Apple Watch in 2014, the first thing CEO Tim Cook highlighted was how the watch performs as a timepiece — noting that the watch is synced so closely with the Universal Time Standard that it's always within 50 milliseconds of accuracy. After all, the Apple Watch's most important job is telling the time, right?

While that may be true, there's a good chance your Apple Watch turns into a blank black square for most of the day as it sits idly on your wrist.

That's all about to change with the Apple Watch Series 5, which the company is launching on September 20, with a price starting at $400. Ths new model comes with a new always-on display that can show information like the date, weather, activity progress, and any other metric you can add as a complication to one of Apple's watch faces — even when the screen isn't activated.

It's one of the few features that distinguishes the Apple Watch Series 5 from its predecessor, the Series 4, which Apple no longer sells. Other than a new screen that doesn't turn off, the new watch comes with a built-in compass and the ability to call emergency services even when traveling internationally.

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I've only just unboxed the Apple Watch Series 5, but here's a look at the characteristics that have stood out to me so far. Our full review will dive more deeply into these features and other details about the watch.

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