Jason Momoa Makes Cameo on SNL With Hilarious Nipple Piercings

How nice of you to swing by, Jason Momoa!

The Game of Thrones and Aquaman star made a cameo on NBC's Saturday Night Live, appearing in a sketch starring host and musical guest Chance the Rapper as Judge Barry, a TV judge known for reaching a verdict quickly and based on his first impression of the defendant and the plaintiff.

Cast member Kate McKinnon played an elderly woman named Gladys Feldman, who is suing her former live-in nurse, Apollo Benz, played by Momoa, for allegedly stealing her money and her chandelier earrings.

The actor made his entrance in a flowing leopard-print shirt. He later ripped it open to reveal he is wearing the stolen earrings…on his nipples.

"She stole from me first," he also says.

"Oh really?" Chance asks. "What did she steal?"

"My heart."

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