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Jeff Bezos’ $260 swimming trunks that he wore while partying on a $590 million superyacht with model Karlie Kloss are one of the hottest menswear items of the summer

Jeff Bezos has unknowingly become a style icon.

The Amazon founder and CEO made headlines over the summer after he was photographed on a glamorous European vacation with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. Bezos and Sanchez were seen arm-in-arm walking the streets of France's celebrity hotspot Saint Tropez and aboard David Geffen's $590 million superyacht with former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, and model Karlie Kloss.


Bezos' fans couldn't help but notice that during this time, he was regularly seen sporting a pair of octopus print swimming trunks. The trunks, which are made by French designer Vilebrequin, were from one of its previous collections and cost $260, according to a company spokesperson. They were also previously available at Amazon.

After being seen on Bezos, shoppers' interest in the brand grew and new data shows that they were enthusiastically searching for these trunks online.

According to fashion search site Lyst, online shoppers have searched for these swimming trunks more than 4,000 times in the past three months, and the brand saw a 105% rise in page views during that time.

Because of this, the trunks made Lyst's ranking of the hottest menswear items in the most recent quarter, joining Nike's Air Jordan 1 Mid SE sneakers and Burberry's train-ticket print leather card case in the top 10 list.

Bezos has noticeably had an image overhaul

In the time between setting up Amazon in the 1990s and becoming the world's richest person, worth $110 billion, Bezos has undergone a radical transformation of his image.

Famously, there were memes of "swole Bezos" that cropped up in 2017 after he unveiled his new toned look at a conference in Silicon Valley.

Almost instantly, images comparing his bookish look of 1998 to 2017 went viral with commenters saying how this reflected the increasing dominance of Amazon.