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Joe Biden Says He Talked To George Floyd’s Young Daughter After His Killer Was Found Guilty – Here’s What He Told Her!

Joe Biden Says He Talked To George Floyd’s Young Daughter After His Killer Was Found Guilty – Here’s What He Told Her!

After Derek Chauvin was given a guilty verdict for killing George Floyd, President Joe Biden revealed that he’s talked to the victim’s family, including with his young daughter. The POTUS apparently told the little girl that her ‘Daddy changed the world.’

Apparently, Joe Biden was the one who personally contacted George Floyd’s family to talk about justice being achieved in his case.

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This came after his killer, former Police officer Derek Chauvin was determined to be guilty in all counts of murder for what took place on May 25, 2020.

Floyd left behind a 7 year old daughter named Gianna and Biden really wanted to tell the child that her father’s sacrifice really did change the world.’

Sure enough, as you remember, the man’s killing in the middle of the street sparked protests against police brutality and against systemic racism all over the United States and even internationally!

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The current president made some live statements from the White House, saying that ‘I just spoke with George Floyd’s family. A remarkable family of extraordinary courage. Nothing ever can bring their brother, father back. But this can be a huge step forward in the march towards justice. What I discussed with the Floyd family, the guilty verdict, doesn’t bring back George Floyd. But, through the family’s pain they’re finding purpose. So George’s legacy will not just be about his death, but what we must do in his memory.’

He went on to reveal what she told Floyd’s young daughter.

‘I also spoke to Gianna. I met her last year, I have said this before, at George’s funeral. I told her just how brave I thought she was, and I kind of knelt down to hold her hand. I said daddy is looking down on me so proud, she said to me then and I will never forget it, ‘Daddy changed the world’. I told her this afternoon you daddy did change the world. Let that be his legacy, legacy of peace, not of violence.’