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Joe Manganiello Is Being Called An Uber Nerd For This Hobby — Does Wife Sofia Vergara Approve?

Joe Manganiello Is Being Called An Uber Nerd For This Hobby — Does Wife Sofia Vergara Approve?

When Twilight hunk Joe Manganiello found out that Sofia Vergara was free to date, after her relationship with fiance Nick Loeb came to an end, he wasted no time in winning Sofia over. Sofia and Nick had broken up in May 2014 and by Christmas that same year, Sofia was already engaged to Joe! The two have been going strong and seem just as much in love today as they did when they first took their relationship public. Now it’s come to light that Joe Manganiello has a hobby that some have said makes him an “uber-nerd” and fans are curious about Sofia Vergara’s real feelings on the matter.

It turns out Joe Manganiello is an avid Dungeons and Dragons fan and he regularly hosts D&D get-together with family friends and even fellow celebrities! Joe’s social media networks have plenty of photos and videos from his Dungeons and Dragons games and some are just downright shocked that the 6’6″ Magic Mike star likes role-playing D&D style!

The subject was even addressed in the upcoming Jun 1, 2020, issue of Star magazine where a source discussed Sofia Vergara’s feelings on the subject.

The source stated the following.

“No one would expect such a macho guy to have such a nerdy hobby. She thought his D&D addiction was cute at first, but now she thinks it’s just plain silly.”

Sofia Vergara hasn’t spoken out about her husband’s hobby but the source continued to dish on how Sofia really feels about Joe retreating to his mancave with his buddies.

“He’s there for hours and only comes up to the kitchen to grab snacks. Sofia offered to join the game so she could spend more time with him, but he’s not keen on the idea. It’s guys’ night only!”

Check below for a photo of Dungeon Master Joe Manganiello hosting a game at his house. Vince Vaughn is that you?

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Here is a video of Dungeons and Dragons with Joe Manganiello from regular player George Finn.

Variety took a closer look at Joe’s Dungeons’ and Dragons’ club. You may see that video below.

What do you think about the report from Star? Do you believe the source about Sofia’s feelings regarding the game? Are you surprised to learn that Joe Manganiello is a Dungeons and Dragons Master?

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