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Johnny Bananas Says ‘The Challenge’ Could Replace Pro Sports

Johnny Bananas Says ‘The Challenge’ Could Replace Pro Sports

MTV star Johnny Bananas says the network’s new season of their daredevil reality show, ‘The Challenge,’ can fill the void pro sports left behind … and he might have a case here.

Johnny was breaking down his show’s 35th season … “The Challenge: Total Madness,” when he threw out his theory that it’s exactly what the sports doctor ordered for fans in quarantine without a single ball game to watch

His reasoning … ‘TC’ is just as competitive and physically demanding as anything you might see on a court, field or rink — and there’s some added drama in the mix to make it more compelling.

If you’re unfamiliar with the program, ‘Challenge’ participants have to pull off VERY extreme tasks that a professional stuntman might do on the set of a movie. It’s like ‘Ninja Warrior’ meets “Fear Factor” meets U.S. Navy Seal boot camp all in one.

We’re talking about jumping out of planes, hiking up mountains, firing a tank and all in all … surviving the elements. Johnny says this season was shot in a remote area of Prague, at an abandoned Cold War-era missile bunker, where contestants slept.

As for whether people would rather watch this than their beloved NBA or MLB games — Johnny might be on to something.

Ratings for this season of ‘The Challenge,’ which started airing last month, are the highest they’ve been in years. Somebody’s watching.