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Kandi Burruss’ Fans Are Having A Blast Seeing Her Faces In These Photos – See Them Here

Kandi Burruss’ Fans Are Having A Blast Seeing Her Faces In These Photos – See Them Here

Kandi Burruss shared some pics in which she’s making some really funny faces. Fans cannot have enough of her, and you can also check out her looks below.

‘I can not control my faces! These looks at the gift exchange for @cynthiabailey’s #FriendsMas are hilarious! 🤪,’ Kandi captioned her post.

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Someone said: ‘U was sooooo annoyed with Drew! I felt it thru the tv 😂’, and another commenter posted this: ‘Kandi always witnessing the drama, staying out of the drama, then lets her face do the talking.’

A follower said: ‘That wig/ cat was worth a penny. That gift was insulting, to say the least.’

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Someone else dropped the following message: ‘Loved it when you kept it 100 about the Prophet being a grown man making decisions!!’ and a fan brought up Porsha Williams : ‘Gotta be a Taurus thing.. Im working on me though.’

A commenter wrote this: ‘You had a right to those faces. Some of those gifts were blah 😂’, and one other Instagrammer wrote: ‘I was cracking up watching last night. You are definitely my favourite.’

A fan wrote: ‘Love your faces!!! Seriously though, what the hell was Drew thinking with that gift?’ and someone else said: ‘You remind me so much of my older sister. Her faces be sooooo on point but ohhhhhh so telling.’

In other recent news, Kandi Burruss announced to her fans and followers that she has a new Speak on It episode out. You can check it out below.

‘My girl @latoyaforever is finally about to #SpeakOnIT! Check it out now on my Youtube page #KandiOnline!’ she wrote.

One subscriber posted this on YouTube: ‘I swear Drew is her own worst enemy. She literally ended the last episode on the worst note, and while she was trying to make Letoya look bad, she actually made the audience defend Letoya and like her more. And she brought a worn wig as a gift 🎁!!! 🤣😂’

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