Kanye West Finally Did Carpool Karaoke, But On a Plane

Obviously Kanye West couldn't just do a normal Carpool Karaoke.

The rapper, who just released his new album Jesus Is King, finally took part in James Corden's signature Late Late Show segment, but not in a car. No no, Kanye took James Corden for a ride in the sky on one of his Soul Planes, and together, along with the huge choir that happened to also be traveling in Kanye's plane, the duo put on quite a show.

They talked about the inspiration for Kanye's Sunday Service, rapped along with "Jesus Walks," and safely made it to Los Angeles to the tune of "Hallelujah."

Towards the end, Corden asked what Kanye has to say to the people who don't believe the way he's living his life, and he gave us a whole lot to contemplate with his answer.

"I'd say when you go to sleep, would you agree that you are asleep when are you are asleep?" the rapper said. "And when you wake up, would you agree that you are awake when you are awake?"

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