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L.L Bean, Wegmans, and New Balance are in a group of consumer companies being targeted by an anti-Trump boycott

Over the summer, boycotts against Equinox erupted online after news broke that the chairman of the company had hosted a fundraiser for President Donald Trump at his Hamptons home.

It was all the anti-Trump internet talked about until this month, when the limelight shifted to LVMH, the world's largest luxury company, which opened a new Louis Vuitton factory in Texas and invited Trump to the opening.

This quickly caused an uproar online, with people calling for a boycott against LVMH and its brands.

The company was also added to an anti-Trump boycott list under the #GrabYourWallet campaign. This campaign was launched in October 2016 by Shannon Coulter, a brand and digital strategist who called on consumers to boycott retailers that sell Trump-branded products or whose executives donated to the Trump campaign.

Find out which 15 retail companies are included in this list below: