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Lauren London Shares Photos Of Her Son, Kross Asghedom, With A Hero Nipsey Hussle Cape On For His Birthday

Lauren London Shares Photos Of Her Son, Kross Asghedom, With A Hero Nipsey Hussle Cape On For His Birthday

Via social media, Lauren London shared a few pictures of the superhero-themed birthday party that she had for her and Nipsey Hussle’s son, Kross Asghedom.

Cutie pie Kross, who seems to be a fan of Batman, celebrated his third birthday wearing an epic cape that featured a picture of his late father.

Lauren also wore a shirt with the same photo of Nipsey. Kross’ boss lady aunt, Samantha Smith shared a sweet birthday tribute.

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@laurenlondon #llknh🕊🙏🏾

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Lauren’s pastor took to social media to share a prayer for the family and to send a few words of encouragement with Kross.

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Pastor Paulie wrote this hilarious story about Kross: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL BABY KROSS 🎂🎂🎊🎉💙😘 You baby was born as an answer to millions of peoples prayers. I knew this the first time I laid eyes on you, and GOD told me that my job was to keep you covered in prayer until the day I die. The day of your christening, your dad placed you in my arms, and after blessing you, I looked at your dad, and he could not stop crying. Seeing him, @nipseyhussle crying made me and your mom @laurenlondoncry too. I assured @nipseyhussle that he would never fail or disappoint you as a black man. This was GOD’s doing and it was MARVELOUS!”

She added: “From the first day, I saw your dad @nipseyhussle I called him a LEGEND, a name he was NEVER comfortable with. That’s how humble he was. All @nipseyhussle concerns were was this, pastor what does GOD want me to do? What is GOD saying? Keep sending me them good prayers 💙😘🙌🏾🙏🏾. One of the last conversations I had with @nipseyhussle was that since I was getting ready to open up my church, I needed him to make sure he gets up and bring his babies to church. I told him I was not playing. He told me I would bring them, and I got you, so let’s get this church started.”

Pastor Paulie continued with: “I wanted to make sure that your dad @nipseyhussle was NOT only teaching you his craft but also about the JESUS that brought him from a MIGHTY LONG WAY. Well, the DAY came when I and the entire city and the world needed prayers. 💔💙😢🙏🏾”

She concluded with: “Well low and behold GOD will use you KROSS to uplift my soul. You looked at me and said, “ASTOR” 😂 you want to pray? I said yes please, KROSS. With your little hands you took my hand, your moms @laurenlondon hands and Kam’s, I was in awe. With my eyes WIDE open, I needed to see this. Your mom @laurenlondon had warned me saying pastor you are not ready for this😂 looking at you KROSS he who I have been praying for is now about to pray for me. Out of the mouth of babes, GLORY🙌🏾With everyone’s eyes closed EXCEPT MINE. As I looked at him Kross started praying, he STOPPED, looked at me and said “ASTOR” CLOSE EYES 😂🤣 I can’t🙌🏾🙏🏾😂 All I could say was yes Kross so sorry😂. You KROSS PRAYED for your pastor and your BFF “BATMAN” Look at GOD. Amazed, I asked “KROSS who taught you how to pray? He said my DA DA @nipseyhussle 💙🎂😘 , My Baby🙏🏾.”

The little boy is loved and well surrounded.